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Inside my mindInside my mind, Hmmm…

I hope that this entire blog is perceived by readers and visiotrs and friends as an invitation to connect and interact. not just with me, but with each other. So feel free to comment, even disagree. (Just remember that is still my blog and I aim to keep it clean…)

Here is just a bit about me, so you get a sense where I come from and what my point of view is.

My cultural heritage is a mixed bag: Many influences, sometimes one heritage is more pronounced than another, then it changes.

Education: is in Economics, Mathematics, and Computer Science but most of my working life was spent in business and in Information Technology and its management.

My home is now in the midwest, Minnesota. I love where I live, and most of the people in my life. I especially appreciate them for the way they think.

These first three passions are the most pronounced in me: Cooking, good thoughtful and thinking companionship and politics.

I’ll be posting about food and cooking – it is a cultural thing, but also a human process, probably one of the oldest things humans do, like breathe, live… You get the picture.

I am very impatient with “brainlessness”.  Look, we get brains when we are born, and I believe there is a cosmic covenant to use the brains to the best of our ability. not using our brains is like spitting into the Universe’s face. And a monumental waste of time, oxygen, energy.

Politics is the process society uses to organizes itself. If we do not organize how we live with each other, chaos results (I think) and the “fabric” begins to fray and fall apart. I think it all works like this, but I am not 100% sure. Still, I do not necessarily want to test the alternative.

Religion and Faith: There is a huge difference between these two. Faith to me is what goes on in myself vis-a-vis the world, the universe, communities, nature, God. The awesomeness of where we live, its intricacies, richness, and amazing imbued ethics. Religion is more like a manual of instructions. Much less interesting.

Last passion is photography, especially flowers and intriguing images. The image of the orchids in the header of the blog here is part of an image I photographed myself.  UPDATE: Actually the images will be on a page similar to the ABOUT page. Check again later if you want to see…

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