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December 27th, 2016

Google Calendar

On the desktop version of Google Calendar, one can add an event that takes the entire day, i.e. no start/stop time. There is a little checkbox designating the event as “all day”.

On the Android platform non-desktop form of the calendar, the “mobile version”, this is not readily possible. But the following trick works… The event should start at 12:00AM on the desired date, and end on the next day, at 12:00AM.

That schedule spans the entire 24 hours. The event will show as an “all day” event on the desired day, and no hint of it on the next day.

Now, I’ll keep a lookout for a trick to change the calendar without resorting to presenting the calendar in the desktop form and editing the event in that format. Google never put the ability to CHANGE the calendar in the edit screen, only to choose the calensar when initially creating the event.


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