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May 29th, 2013

Happy Days Are Here Again…

My least favorite politician is hanging up her tongue – finally! Congresswoman Michele Bachmann who represents (nominally) the people of the 6th Congressional District of Minnesota announced she is not going to run for another term in Congress.

I said above that she nominally represents the 6th District. I stand by that. Her representation is ideologically motivated, and she only represents the interests of Michele Bachmann and the Tea Party supporters who keep sending her truckloads of money in campaign donations. She also represents quite consistently the interests of the 1%ers in this country, while giving lip service to her concern for the country and its people, the financial stability and viability of the economy of the USA (which she probably has no understanding beyond what 1st grader has!)

Bachmann is also a dangerously corrosive and divisive player in American politics, undermining discourse with her utterly ideological stance and lack of understanding. She tends to whip up emotions in large groups of audiences and they go forth leming-like in Nazi troop formations to do her bidding, not asking questions, not being concerned about their leader’s ethics or the morality of their mission. In that, she represents an imminent danger to the democracy that she alleges she protects.

But for now, she is out of contention.

In her speech (see below), she left open the possibility that she will consider anything that “will help save and protect” the USA. I read that as anything that she is assured to win and will fill her bank account with more $$$.

Her opponent, Jim Graves, whom I met and respect a lot, must be happy although concerned with what else the GOP in the District will stand up as an opponent against him. You can see two interviews with Jim Graves on Access to Democracy here and here.



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