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December 20th, 2012

Living in a cage

There are laws in the United States against cruelty to animals. Most States exempt animals raised for human consumption from these laws. In other words, if you will not eat your dog, you cannot keep it caged all its life in a cruel manner. But it is ok, if you will eat that dog.

Similar logic applies to chickens (hens, really) raised for their eggs. They are caged in tiny cages most of their lives and it is all about production, production, production. The fact that these hens cannot spread their wings, and barely have room to move, unless they move in unison with the other hen in their cage, that is not considered cruelty, thus the laws barring animal cruelty do not apply.

In an article from November 27, 2012 in GLOBAL POSSIBILITES, writer Casey Coates Danson tells how the days of animal factory farms may be coming to a screeching halt in Australia. 2 supermarket chains, accounting for 80% of their market, are moving away from pork and eggs that have been grown in animal factories.

Can this happen in the USA? Surely, but for the lack of gumption of people who buy the products offered. I count myself among them. I do not buy much pork, but I do buy eggs and I do not insist on cage-free egg production from my eggs. If I did, and thousands more joined me, we could tell a similar story about our own supermarkets.

Perhaps more chapters in this story will be written here!

Meanwhile, consider the cage we live in, stuck with products that are provided by corporate giants, that have zero interest in all considerations but the absolute last nickel in their P&L. Do we also live in a cage? It seems so.


You can read more interesting articles written by the same author at the website above. One fascinating article was about the hidden costs of using toilet paper. The video in the brief article is worth watching! (if the video window below does not play for you, click the word “vimeo” on the dark bar and it should open the clip in Vimeo’s site directly…)


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